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"Studio for One and All For One!" That's ACTION STUDIOS FOR ALL YOUR FILMING NEEDS


The expansion of productions at Action Studios started when founders Seagal decided to mesh music, script and studio locatons into one, so she started renting out the facility of Action Studios for small music projects and recording. Action Studios began to thrive so Siegel and a few silent partners decided to re-vamp the studio and make it film/video/studio friendly in Sun Valley, CA. Now Action Studios is under one roof of operations and has combined and re-modeled to accomodate an expanded studio facility.

ACTION STUDIOS Sun Valley CA Offers over 3,000 square feet of filming space for any type of video, film, independent features, demos, acting films, industrial films, short videos and films shot right on location at ACTION STUDIOS in SUN VALLEY CA; 2 bathrooms with shower, dressing room, 3 sound stages for shooting plus greenscreen available and there is a loading dock garage for easy access to studio premises! Low rates for all filming occasions and that means availability to over 10,000 movie & television scripts for theme parties and specialty shoots, plays, presentations, music videos; open hours to studio for filming day or night 24 hours; shoot t.v. commercials, videos for demo reels, acting reels and more. Reasonable rates for professional studio location, will shoot t.v. series ideas, concepts, pilots, professional musicals on stage whatever your filming needs are, Action Studios will fulfill!

Action Studios in Sun Valley CA is an independent Studio Service and is a very flexible and open filming environment. Action Studios is a full service independent filming studio worldwide and Action Studios continues to change with the film and video industry. For over 10 years Action Studios has met the full filming/video needs of the film, television, theater, commercials, video, corporate clients industry plus branching out even more into "theme parties" "specialty shoots" and filming. Action Studios rents by the day, week or month so call for best rates.

Action Studios is fast becoming an important part of an ever-growing worldwide entertainment industry. Action Studios has a large filming and script inventory and many ranges of filming services and in-house experience that sets Action Studios apart from the others. It's about the quality of people at Action Studios that makes the whole project fall into the category of a family business serving many more customers on a higher level at lower prices.

Action Studios annouces a special studio plan: Whether you’re doing a Hollywood wrap party, even a fundraiser or a party with a theme Action Studios can help make your imagination come to life! In addition to the 3 sound stage rentals, Action Studios will provide on-site production services, including state-of-the-art technology systems for your party as well as access to over 10,000 movie and television scripts old and new! CALL FOR RATES AND PRICES!

Call Action Studios with any questions on rates or scheduling any type of theme party of video or film, please call Mitch Siegel so you can rely on Action Studios rentals for the most positive and comprehensive inventory of video, music and script equipment in the world, along with the the best customer service and industry expertise. We cater to your budget!

A full service Film, music and video studio for independent commericals videos or even movies with a database of over 10,000 plus movie and tv scripts available! Anything your project calls for ACTION MAKES IT HAPPEN! High Def video camera set up; rental of 3 studio rooms, connecting rooms, props, theme parties, music videos, special effects, stunts, set dressing and more.

ACTION STUDIOS IN SUN VALLEY A is housed in a 3,000 square foot, one story building location which is centrally location just beyond the reach of the Hollywood Studios like Paramount, Universal and Burbank Studios! Action Studios is located in the growing Film indepedent Film/Arts district of downtown Sun Valley CA on Lankershim Blvd. The Studio is easily accessible to residents and the independent film industry in and around our surrounding area.

We offer many varieties of filming rentals, studio location rentals, green screen and filming music video options for parties, movies, even weddings and specialty video shoots or studio space. Action Studios is an independent studio Rental facility to do many projects on the level of film, video, commercial, music and more! But it can also be utilized for specialty parties where there is an availability of over 10,000 Plus movie and t.v. scripts current and past!

We like to call Action Studios the "communal Open Studios"

"...a wonderful fresh studio to film a video or industrial space."

Kate Hauser, Peformance Artist

Hollywood's Low Cost film production alternative

Action Studios in Sun Valley is is a multi-arts production, rehearsal, and presentation facility with 3 stages suitable for Video, Film, Photography, Music, Theater, and even specialty parties. We also have access to the greenscreen and special effects video as well as ohter film image compositing effects and equipment.

Action Studios has special services of Video, music, film, commerical, demo and Film Production, access to High Def Camerea, Post-production, some Editing, DVD Authoring of project, DVD and Tape Duplication can be in house, Lighting, and Camera Equipment Rental, Music Recording, Performance Videotaping, and related services at Action Studios.


"Studio for One and All For One!"

Working For our clients

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Hello Everyone !

Welcome to Jump With Joy, The #1 company dedicated to give quality, service and great deals!

If you’re not aware the inflatable amusement industry has become a very fast growing and profitable market. It’s not hard to be successful in this business and we’re here to help you start!

This company has been in business for only 5 years and has become one of the top manufacturers in the industry! With over 40 different styles of inflatable: slides, water slides, obstacle courses, games, bounce houses, moonwalks, party jumpers and more. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Absolutely all productscare manufactured in U.S.A. We are proud members of:

International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
American Rental Association

International Inflatable Products & Games Association

Copyright 2005, All Rights Reserved,


We accept : Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

Welcome to Jump With Joy, Inc. a family owned business in North Hollywood, CA since 1999. Our experience has helped us succeed in the manufacturing business as well as the rental business. We believe in dedicating ourselves 100% to our customers. Building strong long-term relationships with our customers is reaching our goal. Our experienced staff responds to any changes that can be done to help you operate more smoothly. We are actively introducing many new designs. Each of our units has a unique theme and style. We place a strong emphasis on creativity and imagination in our designs. We have an incredible selection of inflatable bouncers and high quality interactive games. We have over 40 different designs and if we don’t have it, we will customize it especially for you.

We are the #1 source of inflatable in the inflatable industry. Our inflatables are designed and built for maximum durability, safety, and child appeal. We are committed in providing you with the highest quality products and the best service at the most affordable prices. If you are looking for the best opportunities and outstanding service and the most competitive priced inflatables… Call us today to experience our excellent support system for new business owners. We wish you the very best on starting your business. Good Luck!

Jump With Joy Airblown

Home inflatables for parties
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Themes of inflatables
Dog themed, very close to the real thing PLASTIC BLOWMOLD
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JUMP WITH JOY Inflatables.

Special Inflatable, Made In North Hollywood CA Inflatable castles, combos, bouncers, moonwalks, inflatable castles! JUMP WITH JOY NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA offers high quality inflatable products in any size or style

Inflatable Bouncers Bouncers/Jumpers Inflatables Castles Slides

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Advertising Inflatable Christmas Air dancer Water games

JUMP WITH JOY NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA - Our products --- Our products include inflatable bouncer, inflatable combos, inflatables water slides, inflatable Christmas, inflatable fun city, inflatable balloon, etc. Big Factory--- JUMP WITH JOY NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA Inflatables are one of the largest inflatable manufacturers in the country. Our manufacturing facility covers a large area warehouse a work force of dedicated personnel. High Quality--- With many years inflatable industrty experience JUMP WITH JOY has the best designers and skilled workers, JUMP WITH JOY Inflatables produces high quality inflatable toys for parties. Our products are made from high quality tarpaulin and PVC fabric and 9-line nylon thread coming with the CE,UL blowers. Service--- JUMP WITH JOY Welcomes any questions about our inflatables. We will promptly offer you a professional reply with special assistants to help you with your party and inflatable needs, order placement, order arrangement, goods delivery and after service. Our Inflatable expert has the world experience in this industry which is turning worldwide, trying to eventuall form a sales partnership network with resellers in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Korea, Australia, Middle East, etc. Great Price ---- The Price of our inflatables is very competitive compared with any other supplier in the world thanks to the skilled workforce at JUMP WITH JOY INFLATABLES, largest manufacturing facility and export support from worldwide experience, New Infaltable Products

JUMP WITH JOY is one of the biggest inflatable manufacturers. Located in North Hollywood CA JUMP WITH JOY proudly hosts a skilled work force and offers its clients the benefits of being able to produce custom any number of custom specialty designs. JUMP WITH JOY NORTH HOLLYWOOD has an excellent product line includes the following inflatable promotional and marketing items:

Bounces, Slides and Tunnels
Combos and more
Fun city and Sports oriented
Holiday & Christmas promotional accessories
Castles, bouncers, moonwalks, slides, water fun and Air Dancers

JUMP FOR JOY has superior quality and workmanship and is is renowned throughout the California. We will gladly export products to our satisfied customers in USA, UK, Russia and the Middle East to name but a few. Together with the outstanding level of Customer Service we provide, Jump With Joy North Hollywood has the modernization and efficiency of inflatable manufacturing techniques! JUMP WITH inflatable novelties.

JUMP WITH JOY NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA has talented and experienced design staff that is able to produce custom designs from any of your sketches or drawings. Please feel free to submit a rendering of anything you'd like us to produce and a member of our sales staff will be in contact with you within days to submit our results.

JUMP WITH JOY Inflatables; JUMP WITH JOY established by young entrepreneurs and a family oriented feel! Jump With Joy carries or designs almost all kinds of materials! Our manufacturing facility resides in North Hollywood CA and we have our engineers, accessories, sales and technical support departments working hard! But JUMP WITH JOY NORTH HOLLYWOOD has excellent workmanship and is continuously supervised with a passion quality and stress-testing new fabrics! We are currently pioneering the field by introducing new customers made textured fabrics according to thematic design needs. We comply with industry-wide safety regulations on a daily basis. Customer Satisfaction , Quality, Safety, Innovation, Creativity, and FUN .
That's what JUMP WITH JOY NORTH HOLLYWOOD DOES AND DOES WELL! We have recently added fire-retardant fabrics on our whole line or products.


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